Friday, 29 February 2008

Is China ready for the Olympics?

Some undercover photos suggest perhaps not.

        China001 China002                           China003  cHINA004                              China005  China006

UPDATE: Aaron at Save the Humans has gone undercover to find the six mascots in the running to represent the '08 Beijing Olympics.  They include:

  • Timmy the Tank (so damn cute. When he’s animated and let loose, he paints the flag of China with the blood of protesters on his treads!)
  • Pagey the Censored Web Page, and
  • Teddy the Involuntary Organ Donor.

Read the compete list with their descriptions here.


  1. You've got to suspect that the graphic designer of the "Uranus" toilet paper was an Anglo working in China. What a legend.

  2. I is China, much also. Am we embarassed for much on problem of translation. The transgenderation of these Engrish words is over difficulty too.


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