Friday, 29 February 2008

Is China ready for the Olympics?

Some undercover photos suggest perhaps not.

        China001 China002                           China003  cHINA004                              China005  China006

UPDATE: Aaron at Save the Humans has gone undercover to find the six mascots in the running to represent the '08 Beijing Olympics.  They include:

  • Timmy the Tank (so damn cute. When he’s animated and let loose, he paints the flag of China with the blood of protesters on his treads!)
  • Pagey the Censored Web Page, and
  • Teddy the Involuntary Organ Donor.

Read the compete list with their descriptions here.

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Blogger Greg B said...

You've got to suspect that the graphic designer of the "Uranus" toilet paper was an Anglo working in China. What a legend.

3 Mar 2008, 16:25:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I is China, much also. Am we embarassed for much on problem of translation. The transgenderation of these Engrish words is over difficulty too.

6 Mar 2008, 15:34:00  

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