Friday, 29 February 2008

"Me being Muslim? It was a giant act."

This will be interesting.  If you've followed the blog of a chap from Christchurch with the handle Kaiwai, you'll have noticed that over recent times he's become a Muslim.  Today, he posted this:

Oh, and for those a little slow, me being Muslim? It was a giant act. All the bullcrap put on this blog about being a Muslim? again, its all bullcrap. Believe me, I learned a lot about Islam over this period of time but I'd never want to join a religion whose sole aim is to behead me because I am gay.

Then later:

I no longer have to put on this Islam/Sufi shit any more; I'm back to my old bitter, cynical, reasoned and rational person. Devoid of the pointless dogma and bullshit that accompany the likes of Islam, and far removed from the superstition of Muhammad.

I've uploaded some videos, what I'm going to do is start creating some videos over the next couple of days logging my experience of being 'a Muslim' and provide evidence that not only is the religion a flat out fraud but one with an insidious undertone of subjugation and humiliation of all non-Muslims.

His videos are here, at YouTube.  Keep watching.

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  1. Can't take the voice seriously or find him interesting. Sorry.


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