Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Spin is still in

Spin is already as endemic this year as it has been in year's past.  Despite campaigning for everybody else’s political affiliations and home addresses to be outed for one year in three and passing legislation under urgency to take "anonymous money" out of politics, the Labour Party has at the same time been funding, hosting and all but paying the staff's salaries for the blog that calls itself 'The Standard.'  Story here.  According to the law the pseudonymous co-bloggers themselves promoted at that blog, The Sub-Standard (as it will be known when the histories are written) should be wearing a parliamentary crest to show we've paid for it, a list of the names and home addresses of the contributors, and the following disclaimer (courtesy of the blogger known as 'Insolent Prick'):

“The Standard is proudly supported by the Labour Party, which subsidises the hosting of this blog. Some Standard authors are active Labour Party members. Some Standard authors are also paid employees of the EPMU. Some Standard authors are employed by Parliamentary Services and work in the Beehive.”

Or was the Electoral Finance Act only supposed to muzzle the Clark Government's opponents, rather than its few remaining supporters?


  1. What is truly maddening, besides the fact I had to re-type the start of this sentence thanks to bizarre page loading, is that blogging supporters of Labour can barely see or acknowledge the hypocrisy, preferring instead to argue that two wrongs make a right, or that no real money is involved, or that blah blah blah. And then, in KBB's case, immediately put up a post accusing National of secret ties to some organisation (which, on being challenged, turn out to be entirely made up). It annoys me intensely and scares the shit out of me that the mind of a Labour supporter is so willing to abandon any principle in defence of their party. Win at any cost, apparently.

  2. Mike Williams just shafted the all the toadies at the Standard, talk about loyality among thieves....

  3. We have two rules in this country pc. One for us, one for them. No way this would happen.


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