Sunday, 6 January 2008

Ranking the local blogosphere (update)

It had to happen.  The NZ (political) blogosphere has been ranked.  It's early days yet, and still decidedly speculative (and sometimes wrong -- I'm rated as "Right" for example), but the boys at Tumeke! have put together a system to decide who outranks whom in the local political blogosphere, to make a list which they propose to update monthly.  See here.  Should be interesting watching, especially in election year when a welter of tribal blogs emerge into barking sunlight with a feral glee when election fever strikes, only to wither away again in ignominy once the fever departs.

Yours truly enters the lists this month at number five...

UPDATE: "Bah, humbug," says Paul at the Fundy Post.  At least, that's how I'd characterise his review of what Tumeke's blog rankings show up:

The problem with blogs is that the political chaps want to have their say, so they set up blogs and link to all the other political chaps. Blogging is serious business, for serious people. The real political blogs are joined by fake ones – politicians pretending to be bloggers. The non-political blogs, often written by people with specialist interests who know what they are talking about, don't get a look in. Writing skills count less than political allegiances. And the result is a list like this, where many of the entries, whether left or right, are unreadable.
Not that Mr Selwyn is at fault in compiling this list. The dominance of political blogs seems to be a natural feature of the blogging ecosystem and is self-perpetuating. Among those political blogs are writers who are informed about the issues and can present the arguments. It is just a shame about the rest.


  1. Well done on that ranking. Glad to see libertarianism has an audience.

  2. Great! And well-deserved, imho.

  3. Thanks [bows].

    That's the really gratifying part, Lindsay, proving that libertarianism really does have an audience in EnZed.

  4. Great work PC.

    You have good reason to be proud of your efforts (well, except for the persecuting Christianity part - you may well rot in hell for that).

    Anyway, congratulations. Have a good 2008.

  5. Michael Fasher7 Jan 2008, 21:03:00

    Where the hell would this hell place be?

  6. I could tell you, but I'd have to kill you. And I don't feel like personally escorting you there.

  7. Well deserved PC, you certainly earned it.

  8. Robert Winefield8 Jan 2008, 18:11:00

    Hell sounds like a lovely place right now. Bloody sub-zero weather is on the way to Kansas...

    Goddamned global warming needs to get here fast!

    Oh, and well done PC.



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