Sunday, 6 January 2008

Beer O'Clock: Loving lager

This is not the regular Beer O'Clock post here, but a note that The Times has several articles that Beer O'Clock readers will enjoy, including

A day in the life of a lager sommelier

A good beer list is an increasingly important part of life for any self-respecting restaurant...

In the beginning, there was ale .....

In the Middle Ages, Benedictine monks worked out how to keep ale fresh during the summer - and that is how lager was born...

How to sip, drink and enjoy lager

For many people, lager is a thirst-quencher and not a drink to be savoured slowly. That perception is about to change...

How to spot the perfect pint

What makes the perfect pint? The glass, the pour and a whole lot more...

So many lagers, so little time

When it comes to lager, many punters and bar staff are happy with as little detail as possible...

And of course a quiz: Lager buff – or bluff?


  1. Such a shame that The Times seem so fixated on lager, when the UK is at the forefront of the best ale brewing in the world. A great lager is fantastic but a great real ale - like a perfect loaf of fresh bread - is the epitome of civilisation.

  2. I dunno Stu, Ale has been "saved" already by CAMRA. Perhaps Lagers need some love also, to wrest them back from the mass producers of pale, sweet, fizzy rubbish. I love a great lager, but prefer the chewy styles like bocks.


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