Monday, 7 January 2008

2007 'Not PC' Stats

2007 was a good year for Not PC, with a steady and solid rise in readers, comments and feedback, and heartening signs of rational libertarian arguments first appearing here being picked up and ranged around far and wide -- which is after all what Not PC is here for.  Feel free to keep that up; attribution is optional.

Monthly figures for 2008 range from January's 9,761 visits (it took a few weeks to get going again last year) to an October high of 45,870.  The highest day was 3rd October, with 1386 visitors recording 2058 hits.  Totals for the year were:

277,257 visits from 108,644 visitors.
429,641 hits
For the last quarter of 2007, I was averaging 1035 visits per day, recording 1653 hits.

Unlike DPF, I can't easily tell you how many posts there were, or how many comments.  I can tell you there's been 4,578 posts since I started here in April 2005, and a whole slew of comments, most of which are intelligent and illuminating -- unlike some blogs we could name but won't.  (According to Tumeke!, I average 30 posts per week, making that approx. 1500 posts this year.  No wonder my fingers are sore. At an average of 300 words per post, that would make nearly half-a-million words. Phew!)

If readership like this gets your advertising juices flowing, then feel free to email me to discuss your plans at This is, after all, "published by me on a commercial basis."

UPDATE: A commenter asked me for stats on browsers and operating systems of readers, so here they are:
Internet Explorer 51.47%
Firefox 40.50%
Safari 5.56%
Opera 2.01%
Windows 87.98%
Macintosh 8.88%
Linux 2.57%


  1. Hi PC, do you collect any statistics on the browser or operating system of your visitors? That would be interesting.

  2. Thanks PC. That seems like a relatively high level of Firefox users - surely a sign of an intelligent audience :)


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