Thursday, 3 January 2008

Don't vote for Nanny, or for Nanny's supporters

As the new website advertised in that banner on the right says, Don't Vote Labour.  In fact, don't vote for any party, politician or candidate that supported the Electoral Finance Bill and the rorting of NZ's electoral law, including the opportunists who were embarrassed into changing their minds at the last minute -- but do add the 'Don't Vote Labour' banner to your own website  (instructions for that here), and don't be prepared to give the other bastards an even break either.

Why not vote for these particular lying bastards?  As Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton explains:

In 2005 Labour flouted election laws by stealing public money to buy propaganda.

In 2006, they abandoned all constitutional norms and retrospectively changed the law so that they wouldn’t be called into the High Court to answer for that action.

This year the government has passed legislation allowing them to steal far more at the next election. Worst of all, the Clark regime is now trying to ram through legislation that would ban me from pointing out that they are behaving like tyrants and telling people not to vote for them.

They've now rammed that legislation through with the support of assorted toadies. That is wrong.  As Peter Osborne says, “If ever there were a time to openly break a law, it is now. Bugger registering to have your say, and bugger staying silent.”

Thus following the sidesteps of DPF and sundry others, let me follow the no-nonsense balls-out approach of KG by asserting:

This website is published by me on a commercial basis.  Advertisers pay to be here.  Views expressed on it by me are political views which are not intended to inform, enlighten or entertain, but to cajole, induce and persuade.  They are specifically intended to sway the votes and sympathies of readers, which in this context means to persuade the chatterati to the promotion of capitalist acts between consenting adults, and to dissuade voters from voting for or supporting Nanny's legion of cheerleaders.

Hence under paragraph (g) of Section 5(2) of the Electoral Finance Act this website may be considered an election advertisement.

I further assert that this website is a news media Internet site and that posts on here written by me, as the editor, are intended not  to inform enlighten or entertain but solely for the purpose of swaying the votes and sympathies of readers, and hence also may be considered an election advertisement under paragraph (d) of Section 5(2) of the Electoral Finance Act.

For the record, my name is Peter Cresswell, and my address is none of your damn business.

Have a nice day.


  1. Well said, Peter!

    I am pleased someone is not shrugging their shoulders and accepting evil at face value.

    (Having trouble getting the link to work, dammit)

  2. Good on yer, Peter. I am hoping that this comment will also fall under the act (any idea?) and thusly I would like to strongly endorse NOT VOTING LABOUR. And likewise, my name and address are nobodies fucking business...

  3. You might be interested in George Monbiots take on Libertarians
    Libertarians are the True Social Parasites

  4. Ha ha, anonymous, I started reading the link up until it mentioned having been published in the Guardian....and that was about all I needed to know.

    The Socialist Chattering Classes are such non achieving bores I see no need to waste time on them.

  5. Nice one PC - are you going to include your blog as a link on Andy Moore's site? Whaleoil already has.

  6. Thanks for yoinking large chunks my blog post without linking or hat-tipping me!


    I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ... or perhaps great minds think alike?

  7. Hello, from the USA--Seattle, Wa. I saw your blog and it looks very interesting and well-done, so I stopped in. Are you conservative, liberal--or a mix or something else? I'm not sure how you do politics in NZ...

    I'm at 'The DU d'RAT Review'--do stop in, if you like. Your article on Pitcairn's spiders was very amusing--yipes! Loved the pic of the harbor and QM2.

  8. Good on ya Not PC. Have added you to the link of supporters.

    You other guys, all link to DVL aye.

    Is the destruction of the Privy Council worthy of getting an article on DVL? Here is an article that has been written and passed on to me, if you could check it out, suggest changes (but keep it short), and I will upload it.

  9. The Socialist[?] Chattering Classes are such non achieving bores I see no need to waste time on them.

    Good that people like George are chewing it over and spreading the memes.

  10. Good post Peter. Why am I so reminded of this gem in Atlas Shrugged:

    “ Why speak of rigid unbreakable laws? Our modern laws are elastic and open to interpretation according to … circumstances.”

    Annette King must be an avid Rand reader with her “law of common sense” approach to statutory interpretation … so too with Sue (I’ve saved all the children) Bradford with her nonsensical discretion.

    Utter bullshit. The law must be democratic, not open to woolly interpretation nor for that matter, discretions.

    Otherwise, “Rick Pricks” like me will flout it and deliver “Don’t vote Labour/Greens/NZ First/UF (and that old retard … what’s his name, should be growing vegetables)” pamphlets without my name, address or registration with the bastards, as I have been for the last week and will continue to do so throughout the year.

    Those bastards are our servants. Let’s remind them!

  11. So, we either have to vote for National or.... no one it seems. Cant vote Act, Rodneys vote will determine that, cant vote United Future, Dunnes vote would determine that party's position, cant vote the Maori Party, not on the Maori roll and it is a wasted vote due to candidate vote. Of Course Greens,. Progressives and Labour are out.

    No one else will get in....

    You ar not saying Dont vote Labour. You are saying Vote National. Its enough to make you vote Libertarianz.


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