Thursday, 22 November 2007

Lifting the lid on Labour lard-arses

You'll recall the would-be immigrant to New Zealand, Rowan Tresize who was turned away because she was said to be overweight, and therefore "a drain on the health system." Wairarapa GP and Libz health spokesman Richard McGrath thinks the government should be consistent on this. He figures if wobblebottom would-be immigrants are sent away, then so too should wobblebottom MPs.

It is hypocritical of Helen Clark to refuse entry to Rowan Trezise when she tolerates the presence of several rather corpulent colleagues in the debating chamber. She should get her own house in order first, before blocking the entry of overweight people into New Zealand. To sanction fat MPs while passing judgement on the likely health requirements of potential immigrants is arrogant Nanny-Statism in the extreme.
McGrath "lifts the lid on Labour lard-arses":
Labour Party luminaries have long gorged themselves not only at the public trough, but in their private dining rooms, with frightening results. For Helen Clark's edification, let me give some examples of some of her MPs, past and present, who literally cast very big shadows.
The list includes David 'I can smell the fish and chips on your breath' Lange,'Minister of Wine and Cheese' Jonathan Hunt, and Charles Chauvel, Clayton Cosgrove, Dave Hereora, Nanaia Mahuta and Marian Hobbs all of whom "are in no danger of wasting away, though they are arguably a waste of taxpayer money." I don't think there's any argument about that at all.
Dr McGrath reminds readers that the entire Labour-led government have an eating disorder – they are insatiable and voracious feeders from the public trough. The Libertarianz Party advocates making that trough very small indeed. We believe MPs should not be paid, so that the job is by necessity a part time one. Politicians need to get off their ample bottoms and find productive work like the rest of us.
McGrath's comments have reached South Africa and Britain.

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  1. Very good - would be interesting to see b4 and after pics since so many go into parliament reasonably slim and get fat-as in a matter of months.

    OTOH Clark may decide to use taxpayer money to pay for gastric stapling to deal with the problem...


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