Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Let's change the flag

Events over recent years indicate that it's time to change this country's flag to more closely resemble the political direction of our country. Tomahawk Kid makes the obvious suggestion.


  1. I agree with Grant. The union jack ought to be replaced with somthing Māori/Enviromental. Better yet just stick Helen's face on it.

    On a more serious note, if New Freeland ever becomes a reality, will the flag change.

  2. I have always thought we should remove the Southern Cross from it, leaving the Union Jack, to reflect our British heritage.

  3. That version of the NZ flag is damn close to what it should be. Finish it off by replacing the Union Jack with a green swastika on the red background and you're there. Dangle a hangman's noose next to that flag, flying on the yard arm, and there you have it. NZ Perfect.


  4. I want a flag that reflects our place in the world but that also is sensitive to our history.

    Physically we are oceans apart from other places, so our flag should reflect that. We have a proud history of the Pacific voyagers who first landed here, we should reflect their contribution with an appropriate symbol. And of course most of us have a strong heritage sourced from the British Isles and that needs to be acknowledged.

    So we need a flag that draws together at least those three themes and I think I might have found it


    PS All those wanting to drop the Union flag and just have the stars, won;t that just mean we get confused with these guys?


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