Tuesday, 2 October 2007

CRIME: You gotta get up to get down

Crime stats are up. "Good news!" shrieks crime minister Annette King. A situation summarised in Whale Oil's headline: Violent and Family Crime going up, King encouraged in which he concludes:
How you can turn a 32% increase in violent crime since Labour came to power into a situation where you are encouraged by the figures shows she and her department have more spin than an Indian cricket team.
Lindsay Mitchell takes a more cynical view.

UPDATE: David Farrar on the spin:

The spin is that the increase in violent crimes come from more work on domestic violence. Well domestic violence tends to be minor assaults, so how did assaults increase in the last year:

  • Minor assaults up 2.2%
  • Serious assaults up 4.8%
  • Grievous assaults up 10.0%

Speaks for itself.


  1. Now of course if the police stopped focusing on victimless crime, they might have more time and resources to focus on real crime.

    One could only hope.

  2. When you have a political system based on crime, what else is there to expect?



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