Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Help Kill the Bill

The 'Kill the Bill' boys have just set up an Image Wall -- something like a petition opposing the Electoral Finance Bill, but more visually powerful.

It's a collection of pictures of people opposing the Bill with their mouths taped shut, which is exactly the effect of this Bill's speech rationing.

For one-third of your life, this Bill will effectively silence dissenting political speech.

Head over there now and add your boat race to their blog, and help Kill the Bill!

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Blogger rage_against_the_caffeine said...

And you've sent a picture of yourself in I hope? Leading by example? It's not taking off the way I was hoping it would.

2 Oct 2007, 13:33:00  
Blogger rage_against_the_caffeine said...

Ha! Thank you Mr. Cresswell!

2 Oct 2007, 17:06:00  

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