Tuesday, 11 September 2007

World Trade Center (1973-2001) - Minoru Yamasaki

Six years and one day ago, these towers stood as proud and soaring things in downtown Manhattan.

One day later, war was declared, and barbarians brought them to the ground with 3,000 souls trapped inside.

Above you see the towers at sunset, as they were in all their stark glory.

At right is architect Minoru Yamasaki with his towers.

And here is what I wrote as I watched the horror unfold as (in the words of Christopher Hitchens)
from Afghanistan the holy order was given to annex two famous achievements of modernism -- the high-rise building and the jet aircraft -- and use them for immolation and human sacrifice... Faith-based fanatics could not design anything as useful or as beautiful as a skyscraper or a passenger aircraft. But, continuing their long history of plagiarism, they could borrow and steal these things and use them as a negation.

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  1. Well put. Of course it is now subject to the latest form of revisionism and conspiracy theories, of a kind that harkens back to the 1930s and Nazi Germany.

    Islamists are spreading filth about how this was all started by Jews, Catholics, Freemasons, CIA, IMF, etc etc to destroy Islam - Robert Fisk is now one of them. Meanwhile, my taxes help fund the schools and institutions that promote this view.


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