Tuesday, 11 September 2007

'Ban BZP Bill' still puts 'P' into BZP

I just heard a tremendous speech in Parliament from the Greens' Nandor Tanczos opposing Jim Neanderton's Ban BZP Bill. He began by saying, "This bill, as the Libertarianz have said, is about putting the P into BZP."

And that's just what it does.

UPDATE 1: Fair play to him, Rodney Hide's speech was also a corker. 'Big ups' to both of them, as the youngsters say. Two beacons of light, however, in a vast sea of darkness.

UPDATE 2: Nandor's speech is online here at Scoop.

UPDATE 3: And here's Rodney's.

UPDATE 4: Unfortunately, as we're all aware, these two fine expressions of liberty (so rarely heard in this or any parliament) were delivered on the losing side of the debate. Lindsay Mitchell posts an example showing the quality of 'argument' needed to be on the winning side: a recognition by the National Socialists' Jacqui Dean that prohibition will drive this industry underground used as evidence of the need for prohibition. There are Miss Teen USA contestants with greater smarts than this.


  1. thats not that smart.

    sick you are,

    it should be banned.

  2. I really want a copy of these speeches as soon as they are available.

  3. Ok, have got the uncorrected version of rodneys up on mine:



  4. A couple of choice excerpts

    "We will not solve the drug problem in this Parliament. We will not solve the problem through prohibition. We will not solve the problem by passing laws."

    "We cannot sit here in this House and legislate away all harm, as this Government thinks it can... we can legislate in a way that protects people's basic rights. I have to say that when we go beyond that, then I think that this Parliament overreaches itself."

    and a link to click on.

  5. How about a bill to ban parliament from interfering in people's private lives.

    No more political intereference.


  6. How about a bill to ban parliament from interfering in people's private lives.

    I would add something else to be banned.

    Ban anyone who invites John Key to his/her house for dinner and perhaps talk about politics or currency dealing.

  7. Stay tuned this evenign where you will learn the story of Jacqui Dean and DHMO..

  8. DHMO. That wouldn't be dihydrogenmonoxide would it? Shocking stuff. Killer chemical. SHould be banned.


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