Tuesday, 11 September 2007

War on ...

Six years to the day after war was declared on the west by means of terror and murder in Manhattan and Washington, Yaron Brook argues at The Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center that calling the present war in which the west is engaged a "War on Terror" is as foolish as calling the Second World War a War against Kamikazes, or a War on U-Boats. This is not a war against a tactic, he says; the west is at war with an ideological enemy and the conflict should be called what it actually is: a war on Islamic Totalitarianism.

See his short argument here:


  1. As poor as an orator that he is (stumbling, exesive hand movements, stutering) I agree fully with is point. It is the very nature of the (political) Islamic ideology that some day Islam must rule the world.

  2. Six years on and the politicians still will not name the enemy.

    It is as if the world's governments
    are leaving this battle to the citizens.


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