Tuesday, 11 September 2007

The full Honiss

A good referee should barely be noticed. Not so Paul Honiss. Referee Paul Honiss is always noticed -- every damn game he's in. He enjoys the authority. He's the Cindy Kiro of referees. Rugby writer Chris Hewett at The (UK) Idependent noticed him and his bloody whistle in the W. Samoa v South Africa game, and he wasn't impressed. His performance, says Hewett,
plumbed depths previously unvisited by officials at a World Cup, including his good self. And he has a fair bit of history in this regard, does Honiss.
He does. He's a sawdust Caesar with a whistle. It's a pity he still disgraces the game.

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  1. I'm always astounded to see Honis getting High profile games. Apparently less players signed up to play rugby in NZ this year compared to last year but the number of referees took a large jump. It seems that everywhere you look the whistle blowing, clipboard carrying, busy bodying, Adolf wannabies are coming out of there caves. The WRB could have avoided this phenomena had they not written so many damn rules.



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