Wednesday, 29 August 2007

"Rates will become unsustainable in a decade if things continue as they have been."

The Local Government Rates Inquiry says "rates will become unsustainable in a decade if things continue as they have been." We all know that. They have ninety-six recommendations -- ninety-six! count them -- for local and central government to "fix" the problem: they say that the structure of rates needs to change; that councils should take on more debt; that central government should "provide some funding," including allowing councils to steal from us through the petrol pump. They do say councils should "rein in spending" and "make better decisions" and borrow more, and naturally council representatives like Mother Hucking Hubbard reach straight for the recommendations that allow them to continue their profligacy.

"Rein in spending"? Not Dick. He's excited as a little kid about getting more money from central government. Spending too much? No! says Dick, who points out that Auckland's enormous rate hikes are in line with the average level of rate hikes around the country. To Dick , this is justification, whereas too the rest of us paying for it all, it looks more like the little boy caught stealing who cries, "But everyone else is doing it!"

Let me offer again the solution to unsustainable rate rises I offered here before. It's quite simple: STOP SPENDING SO GODDAMN FUCKING MUCH!

Sandra Lee's Local Government Act handed power on a plate to councils, and now we have to ick up their tab. The Act gave jerks like Dick Whack complete freedom to charge around like a spotty boy in a sweet shop, and to give you the bill for his profligacy. What this already fucking overspending mayor wanted from this inquiry was not methods by which his flagrant overspending and sheer fiscal bloody incompetence can be reined in, but ways in which his already well-off-fucking-piste council can spend and steal and spend and steal even more!!

Unlike me, he hasn't been disappointed.

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  1. Rates are unsustainable already.

    As a famous visitor to Auckland said,

    It (Auckland) has an outstanding siting, a fabulous setting and they have already shown how they're going to stuff it. The opportunity is being lost. They have a choice between a beautiful, advanced city exploiting all that they have got there or an all powerful Council of low-minded middle-class squatters and panderers. They'll achieve nothing and it'll end up an expensive clutter of cack.

    Couldn't put it better. There is a choice between building Auckland into a great place to live or to have a big mumma council. Can't afford to have both.

    Which way is it going to go? Well take a lok at the physical characteristics and personalities of the councillors and the council employees and you'll have your answer. That photo of the prune faced mayor, deformed and mishappen, tells it all!

    Ruralite escapee from the slum


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