Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Rates Rant. Parental Advisory.

You know, watching Penn & Teller's 'Bullshit' more regularly has the potential to make me even more acerbic than normal. Combine Penn-&-Teller-viewing and reading the wit and wisdom of the only mayor in the country with a face like a cat's arse, and I'm likely to head into orbit.

For instance, re-reading over a late lunch the Herald's front-page story on the rates inquiry proposed by the Nats and the Greens (and now Labour), I could feel my blood pressure rising when I realised that Dickwhack Mother Bloody Hubbbard just sees any inquiry as a chance not to bring rates down from their ever-more-stratospheric heights, but instead to put his motherfucking hand further into ratepayers' and taxpayers' pockets -- pockets already being well-fucking-stolen from.

He "welcomed the enquiry" said Dickwhack. Why? "It may be that a select committee will put more urgency and a bit more grunt into the whole question." Oh yes?
The main issue he wanted to see addressed was [get this] a form of direct and guaranteed grants from the Government so councils did not have to go cap in hand on a project-by-project basis to Wellington... An inquiry should also look at other sources of money, such as bed and utility taxes, GST on rates, regional funding issues for Auckland and rates on Crown-owned properties.
So just to clarify: what this already fucking overspending mayor wants "addressed" is not methods by which his flagrant overspending and sheer fiscal bloody incompetence can be reined in, but ways in which his already well-off-fucking-piste council can spend and steal and spend and steal even more!!

How about THIS for a solution to your problems you fucking thieving cat's arse: STOP SPENDING SO GODDAMN FUCKING MUCH!!

Feel free to write to His Worship expressing similar sentiments at these addresses:
Auckland City Council
Private Bag 92516
Wellesley Street, Auckland
Business Fax: 307 7579

c-/ Hubbard Foods Ltd
P.O Box 24-395
Royal Oak
And feel free to write to his offsiders at the thieving fucking council in similar fashion. Sheesh. Thieving arseholes and Penn & Teller between them have a real shit-load of grief to answer for.

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  1. michael fasher24 Aug 2006, 14:52:00

    john fillmore contracters who rip up the pavements to relay them again just had their budget doubled bye the council so peaple can see where their moneys going,been told to lay more and faster even working on sunday!,theres the responce to complaints about high rates spend some more!!

  2. Fillmores made a very nice job of laying the pavement in our street, which to be fair was also very nice before they ripped it up and relaid it, and we only lost phone, power and internet access twice.

    The road they cut up to lay the new pavement looks rather less attractive however.

    Nothing a few more thousand dollars of our money won't fix though.

  3. So what's up with the random 'Head' logo at the side? Is it there simply to subtly imply Dick is a, er, dickhead?


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