Monday, 16 July 2007

Rational radio over breakfast

The wasteland of breakfast radio will be transformed from tomorrow by the departure of John Banks to fight a mayoral election and his replacement on Radio Pacific (for a month at least) by one Lindsay Perigo. It's not quite the rebirth of Radio Liberty, but there is at least one month of rational breakfast radio to look forward to.

You can check out Pacific's frequencies or listen online here.


  1. John Banks to fight a mayoral election ...

    I am gonna vote Steve Crow for Mayor. His views are more Libertarianz compared to Mr. Hubbard or Mr. Banks. This is someone who promises to cut down the Council's unnecessary spending. Good for rate payers.

  2. ... is that on ZB or Live? the show sponsored by magnasleep underlay, deer velvet, or is it Queensland realtors... highly rational! :)
    Speaking of ratepayers, what did you think of the Mt Eden monorail and visitor centre plan?


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