Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Radio ratings

I got a phone call last night from the folks doing the radio ratings survey, wanting to know my listening habits in each of their time slots. Here's what I told them I listen to when I don't have my home-office stereo going:

6-9: Either Breakfast TV (which used to give a good heads up of the overnight news, but is now increasingly full of Paul Henry's blather), or Moaning Report (if I want the Public Service Announcements for the day), or Radio Sport (for the really important news of the day). No Newstalk ZB in our house over breakfast? No. Paul Holmes delivers only the second part of the Newstalk formula, leaving too little time for the first. For real news, what delivers it better these days than the internet?

: Leighton Smith on NewstalkZB. The best pro-capitalist host regularly on radio (the only ~ ?) . He gets turned off damned quickly though when he gets all religious.

12-3: Either bFM's Wire, which frequently throws up good stuff, or Radio Live's lunchtime news hour with James Coleman, and then Willy and J.T. for the occasional entertainment value*. The really important thing in the afternoon is to turn off Newstalk ZB before the afternoon wanker comes on (this afternoon before I turned him off he was railing against there being too many "foreign doctors." What a wanker.) Mostly in the afternoons I make my phone calls and listen to music. I've got plenty of it.

3-6: About 4 o'clock in the afternoon I'll turn on Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB and catch up on anything I've missed, if I remember. It's usually a good summary.

And then about 6:30 I'll start looking at the martini shaker -- but apparently the survey form had no slot for that.

So what's your listening day look like?

* * * * *
* Just turned off Willy Jackson, who this afternoon is busy bagging Michael Fay and David Richwhite for the crime of being successful, and Team New Zealand for the crime of winning. So this afternoon we've got the choice of either xenophobia on one 'newstalk' station, or envy on the other. The face of too much of New Zealand.


  1. 6-9: no fixed schedule. Either the Dutch classical music station or Rush Limbaugh. In the car sometimes government radio, but it usually turns me radically angry within minutes when I hear another blatant piece of left wing nut truth.

    9-12: listen mostly to Euroclassic nocturno (through the Dutch classical music station) or a BBC3 recorded program like composer of the week. In the car it might be Leighton Smith or some podcast.

    12-3: Dutch classical radio/BBC 3/Rush.

    3-6: in the car might pick up a Larry Williams. Otherwise Dutch classical radio.

    Are these slots still relevant? I almost exclusively listen to digital radio, which I can easily record and listen later.

  2. What's "Radio"?

    I listen to BBC online and also internet music streams like, and a cool french one called (to practice my shower-crooning technique....).

    Oh yes, there's also Michael Laws on Radio Live, but I normally phone in and ask his producer to tell that stupid butcher to stick his head up his arse whenever he pollutes my earspace with his idiot screaming.

    Actually, I reckon Radio in NZ is pretty much irrelevant with the advent of internet streams. I'd hate to own shares in any NZ media companies. Its all penis enlargement and bee stings as far as I'm concerned.


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