Monday, 16 July 2007

Moral Paralysis, Appeasement, and the Causes of War

Arguments continue over the expulsion of Objectivist history professor John Lewis from Ashland University (described in the Chronicle of Higher Education). Further details have now emerged about the expulsion at the FIRE website in 'Ashland University: Objectivists Need Not Appy,' saying "increasing restrictions on academic freedom could be the product of Ashland’s turn toward evangelicalism." Meanwhile Nick Provenzo suggests that with Lewis' sacking the "university has relegated itself to being little more than a Bible college for politically correct Republicans."

You might be curious about Lewis himself, a historian who in recent weeks has managed to get both religious neoconservatives and Islamic totalitarians in a lather. If so, the second of three excerpts from Lewis' forthcoming book "dealing with military history and its lessons for the modern day" which has appeared in the latest issue of the Objective Standard might be worth a peek: The Balm for a Guilty Conscience”: Moral Paralysis, Appeasement, and the Causes of World War II. Unfortunately, a peek is all you get because only the first few paragraphs available to you non-subscribers.

However, his first article “No Substitute for Victory” The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism is free to non-subscribers, is well worth reading (or re-reading) and it was summarised here in an earlier version delivered at a Boston presentation.


  1. Peter,

    The lecture which he delivered in Boston was given also at George Mason University. The Objectivist Standard has an download of that lecture and the Q and A. Great lecture.

    Julian Darby

    PS. (Peter, I finally managed to post this comment. I do not know why I could not for most of today.)

  2. Ashland College? Where? A roll of what, 1000?
    Come on! Teacup. Storm.

    Isn't this college the American equivalent of the Pukekohe Carrot Science Centre?

  3. Evil is like rust that the longer it is left alone the deeper it corrodes and the harder the repair job becomes. The longer it takes.
    As with the War in Iraq and the reform of the Fijian electoral system, the evils of Indigenous rights, of Sadam, and Islamic Jihadists have had decades and even centuries to embed themselves therefore those who profess to seek after peace and harmony must also have the requisite fortitude to go the distance.
    The enemies have the fortitude to resist.
    Every day they thwart progress they know that the shallow weaklings falter and doubt and look for an out. The Media trumpets the propaganda of the terrorists and the racists.
    If the evil ones have more staying power than the good…then evil wins!
    This is why GWB is 100% right and the fickle Democrats (including Republican democrats) who want to withdraw from Iraq are actually in league with Bin Laden and his jihad mates!

    The Fijian situation is that ‘democrats’ want elections *today* instead of patently allowing the requisite time to pass so that Bainimarama can establish a parliament of Equality.
    Like Al Quada Bainimarama’s enemies want to cause him maximum trouble now to break the spirit of Fijians so that they turn against him (Just as the fickle Americans are turning against Bush)

    How is it that Good men are supposed to prevail when they are surrounded by idiots?

  4. "Teacup. Storm."

    Not at all if you're a supporter of these professors, or cautiously pessimistic about the rise of corrosive religious fundamentalism.

  5. Religon is a superstition. It is harmful in that it wrecks one's means of experiencing and understanding Reality- the mind. It is particularly harmful when its teachings conflict with the real. It is evil incarnate when people act on its falsities, doing great harm to others in the process.

    Enough of religious violence in all its guises. No more molesting children, no more slicing up the private parts of woman and girls, no more dismembering the penis of any baby boys. Put an end to the perversion of these twisted fools. There is no room for any of it.

    There should be no respect for it. In the end what this is about is a choice between barbarity or civilisation. Those sad Arabs and Asians have had to make this decision on previous occasions. they've made it and look at what became of their civilisations. Today the results of their enlightened choices are clearly obvious. They chose to be backward and stupid. The West would be better off staying right away from that path.

    ANY appeaser should be treated with contempt. More so than the religious themselves.

    And, take note, the climate cult is a religion that should be treated with contempt and dismissed.



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