Monday, 16 July 2007

Bastards Hone meets all the time

Calling John Howard a "racist bastard" was "an unfortunate diversion" says Lindsay Mitchell. If Hone Harawira had called John Howard "a statist bastard" instead, then "we might have had the real debate which is about how heavy-handed should a government be in tackling problems that exist throughout society but disproportionately among indigenous, poor communities."

It's a good point. As she says, "calling John Howard a racist was a complete waste of time and a unfortunate diversion from the harder question..."

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  1. Hone calling Hone a racist?
    Still John Howard has made a racist arse of himself.
    This is the equivalent of Clarks 'Closing the gaps' yet instead of handing out loot, he's taken the 'Anti-tohunga' approach. John Howard has put on Nannies apron
    The big picture that I see is that where western civilisation steps back toreestablish Savage indigenous culture... SAVAGRY does re-grow!
    The Maori.
    The Aborigines.
    The Zimbabwean.
    Rejecting Western values (Respect for rights, Private property and self responsibility) is to reject civilisation. To call them ‘Western’ values actually diminishes them…we are talking about universal moral principles!
    Why are people so surprised that savages live like savages when encouraged to "return to their old ways?
    I bet pre european Aborigines were just as animalistic as pre European Maori!
    The whole idea of the Nobel Savage is the most grotesque myth!
    The Abo way, like the Maori way is simply the UGGG UGGG way!
    Sub Humane yet sadly very Human...(Christless, lost, brutish)
    The green tree huggers insane ideal…
    Having separate race based communities is a recipe for disaster! (but it is what the indigenous racists want) I say having Abo communities is as crazy as having separate Palestinian and Israeli communities….it’s apartheid….it promotes war.
    BTW…Has anyone noticed how the media tells lies by saying that the Jews kicked out the Palestinians back in 1948? Simon Wiesenthal said that the Jews tried to get the Palestinians to stay yet they left because the Arab states surrounding Israel told them to leave and come back with guns and kick the Jews out. The Arab states kept the Palestinians in refugee camps so as to keep them in limbo and foster hatred against Israel.
    Today the Media has swallowed the Islamic lie that the evil Jews drove the good Palestinians out.


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