Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Vote '72 Virgins'

It's lame, it's unfunny, but if the Danish cartoons were enough to get Jihadists irate, then what will National Lampoon's film 72 Virgins do? Hat tip for news of the film to Liz who concedes "the film is not very good but the potty humor will do a decent job of mockery towards Islam and the sympathy of their sympathizers. Plus a good Animal House pissing on religion in general." PRECIS:
National Lampoon's 72 Virgins
Two idiot college students unwittingly join an Al Qaeda cell in order to get the 72 virgins promised to terrorists when they die...
Vote now at National Lampoon for 72 Virgins to be made. And consider Robin Williams' point about the Jihadists' promise:

‘Have you heard they believe they will receive 72 virgins in heaven?

Those of us who have been with virgins are thinking…hmmm…no thanks.’


  1. I disagree. This looks to be a very funny film.

    But then again, I thought Ishtar was funny.

  2. I loved the "arabic" looking Jihad 4 Life written on the wall.

    I hope they make it, whether it is crap or not. Anything to poke fun at the Jihadi loonies is a good idea to me.

    And as a contrast - I remember reading that Pope JPII thought that Life of Brian was funny....or did what did Graeme Chapman REALLY die from? Aids, or secret poisoning? A conspiracy here I think.

    Brian Smaller


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