Friday, 8 June 2007

Generalife, Grenada - before AD 1319

The early Islamic culture in Span represented a high civilization, far higher than anything else around at that time, and for the longest time it was good and getting better. The pictures here show the Generalife at Grenada -- built before Islam turned towards death worship, and was instead worshipping this life, and pleasure on this earth.

What a contrast to Islam today!

And why wouldn't you celebrate life on this earth, if not for foul ideas that suggest we shouldn't.


  1. So when you described the vile pronouncements of Mohammed Bouyeri and Abu Musab al Zarqawi as voices from the dark ages, it wasn't Islamic culture at the time that you had in mind?

  2. Tariq ibn Zayed conquored Spain starting at Gibraltar. He burnt his army's ships so they would have the choice of conquoring or perishing. His speech to his troops while being an example of military leadership was an exhortation to kill the infidels and take over the ravishing local women or die in the process and please Allah.

    Same old shit.

    The fact they imported some persian architecture ideas to chase the local ravishing maidens around in is a sideline.

    Like a jewel on a pig's snout.

  3. Richard,

    It certainly was. This beautiful landscape was built BEFORE Islam chose to plunge itself into their Dark Ages, ironically just as the West was coming out of theirs.

    YOu realise of course that both Dark Ages had the same cause?

  4. George, I think you're completely missing the point here.

    The point is not that Islam hasn't always been bloodthirsty -- as a religion based on conquest that's necessarily so.

    The point is that Islamic culture once had a genuine reality focus, a focus on this world rather than some imaginary next world, and by virtue of its 'this world' focus there were produced some things of great sensual beauty.

    That's the point, and it's hardly a jewel on a pig's snout. It's a point that some western religionists still need to learn.

  5. PC, a question--did the moorish architecture derive its origins from ancient Media and Persia or did it flow from their religion?

    I like the practicality and the aesthetics. It seems to flow from the climatic realities and is indeed beautiful. The arches and vaults have survived the seismic upheavals and are a successful enduring structure.

    I am not convinced that any thing on earth eclipses any thing in heaven, stupidity excepted.

    Think of the great architecture you will be missing out on.


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