Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali in Sydney

Ayaan Hirsi Ali visits Sydney for their Books and Writers' Festival, and she has the luvvies eating out of her hand.

Read Pommygranate's summary of her presentation to see why that matters. [Hat tip Prodos]

PS: Here's a recent interview between Ali and Guernica magazine.


  1. I vote that you run a caption contest on that picture.

  2. Go right ahead ... if you're man enough. :-)

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  4. Okay, the woman is a genuine heroine. We can do better than that last comment.

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  6. "That woman is a traitor to all Muslims."


    Why? For daring to save her own life?

    Shame on this barbaric comment.

  7. And we can sure do a hell of a lot better than that last comments from someone called Ruth. Just disgusting.

  8. We can all live better without religion and the irrational belief in nonsense it promotes, superstitious nonsense it be.

    As for Islam, it's time to get serious about rejecting it and eliminating it from civil society. People who want to behave according to crazy religion should be ejected forthwith. Maybe Johnnie Howard had the right idea. "You can't come in here with that!"



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