Wednesday, 6 June 2007


There's a Mercury Energy bill sitting here on my desk.

Is there any point in paying it? After all, we're not going to be cut off, are we.


  1. All you need do is say you get asthma or suchlike and you need get your power at somebody elses expense.

    Until the last somebody else leave for Australia.

    If they are allowed to...

  2. Naaah. Don't bother paying it. Let them cut you off. Then claim your great-gran-ma died cause her hearing aid wouldn't recharge and the fridge stopped so her gin was warm- all 'cause they cut off YOUR power see.

    Then they'll give you $10k and look sadly downcast and serious. Some of them will even cry. That's the downside- you'll have to put up with their crying, sobbing, pathetic "I-care-about-you" acts and crestfallen looks to get your $10k. Do not fear, it can be done. You can bear the BS to get the $10k. Hey. It's worth it. But do not let that cadaverous helen anywhere near.


  3. Being a Victim means never having to pay another power bill.

  4. Pay it and then contact mercury Energy 0800 10 18 10 or and give them a message of support.

    Thats what I did yesterday and the guy I spoke to was very appreciative to hear that some people are sane and realistic despite the media-whipped hysteria.

  5. Dare I suggest that the local church will be a grand better off?


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