Friday, 18 May 2007

Up, up and away

Q: Which area of government spending is projected to increase more than any other?

A: No, not health. Not education. Definitely not law and order or defence! No, the area is welfare. With 266,000 working-age people already on benefits, and already the largest single drainhole down which our money is poured without our permission, welfare payments are projected to increase by a a further 25% by 2011, to $18 billion! And that's without including the massive middle class Welfare for Working Families sinkhole, or the new middle class welfare of Kiwisaver "contributions"!

"The people may be sick and ailing," says Lindsay Mitchell who points out the huge rise, "but the welfare state is alive and kicking."

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Anonymous mawm said...

Welfare does buy the most votes, and keeps them there so they are guaranteed to vote for them for the rest of their lives

19 May 2007, 18:31:00  

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