Friday, 18 May 2007

No piano

Has anyone else been annoyed by that ad running on Newstalk ZB for the last week advertising tonight's Beethoven concert given by the NZSO at Auckland's Town Hall? "Put Beethoven in the hands of pianist Freddy Kempf," goes the voiceover, "and sparks will fly." But the music playing in the ad is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, in which there's no piano! Sheesh.

Perhaps it's just been a long week?


  1. Here is a link to an important story on this topic from Wednesdays Waikato times about Waikato scientist "heated debate about over climate change" which has a lot of good stuff for you P.C.

    And BTW Did you know the Waikato university is Leading the charge of the Warmist's???
    They Have set big time on this stuff!

  2. Um, perhaps you meant to put this on another thread, Tim?

    I don't expect our Ludwig had much of opinion on the "heated debate about over climate change." ;^)

  3. Er..PC did you ever think that Beethoven fifth symphony was also being performed in the same concert...


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