Friday, 25 May 2007

Massaro House - Frank Lloyd Wrght

I pulled my ArchiCAD upgrade out of the box and found to my great delight that Frank Lloyd Wright's Massaro House, recently finished, is being used to promote the new version of my CAD software, ArchiCAD 11.

I've written before about the house (here and here) and pointed to a wee film on the controversial posthumous project.

Now, to add to that, ArchiCAD's makers have added a few more films to show how ArchiCAD was used to document this house, and could be used to document yours.

I look forward to going through them all over the weekend...


  1. Yes. A beautiful house. I received a set of plans for an even better one though. An architect designed it for a site in Orakei. Due to circumstances it was not erected. Now we'll need to find a better site for it (and some extra $ to do a build).

    There is nothing quite the same as a beautiful home to bring out a sense of civilised living and an enjoyment of life...


  2. Yes, that Orakei house was splendid, wasn't it. And I think it perfectly suited both site and clients. :-)


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