Friday, 20 April 2007

Santiago Calatrava in Valencia

There may be no wind in Valencia at present, but there is Santiago Calatrava's architecture to enjoy.

Here's some more of his work around his home town, including the City of Arts and Sciences, and the new Opera House (left, below).

Talking about Calatrava's work, Theodor Heuss contrasts it with the technology that some critics disparagingly call it :
The fate, and perhaps the purpose of technology is to grow old ... Art does not age: whatever it is, however old it is, it has an immanent presence and a direct effect on people.
Calatrava's art undeniably speaks for itself. And it speaks beautifully.


  1. The stadium at the top looks similar to what Trevor Mallard was proposing to be built at the waterfront. So, Auckland just missed a beautiful stadium had the project went ahead. It is a pity that PC was opposed to Mallard's stadium while admiring a similar waterfront stadium which is shown above (first picture).


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