Friday, 20 April 2007

No need to see killer's boasts

Speaking for myself, I have to say that I didn't appreciate seeing several minutes last night of a murderer's 'video manifesto,' made on his way between killing two people and heading off to kill thirty more. I don't really need to see it, any more than I need to see self-justifying boasts to camera from other mass killers in other parts of the world -- and if I was a family member of one of those killed by this evil bastard, I'd be justifiably pissed off to see his boasting splashed across my TV screen while my loved one lies dead at his hand.

If you'd been the NBC/TV3 news editor, would you have shown so much of the killer's unhinged eulogy to himself? Would you have boasted, as TV3 did, that viewers could see much more of his video at their website? Or do you agree with Virginia Police Superintendent Steve Flaherty, the officer in charge of the investigation, who was "disappointed US channel NBC, to whom the tape had been sent, chose to show the disturbing footage."
He said: "We are trying to determine what happened and as much as possible, why, why this terrible tragedy occurred. I just think that a lot of folks are not used to seeing that type of image.
In my submission, nor should "folks" need to become used to seeing it. Choosing to splash so much of it across so much of the airwaves was a very poor decision.


  1. What annoys me is the fact they all lament that the "media" will be screening it, but do it anyway.

    funny how other organisations are the Media, and they are just honest reporters.

    otoh if people really want to see it, let them, i just want fair warning so i can change channels. as i have no interest in it.


  2. Robert Winefield20 Apr 2007, 10:03:00

    Other than the odd picture to confirm the journalist's contention that the bloke was a complete and utter looser & an evil nut-bar. I didn't think the media needed to play the tape.

    It's all about good taste. But since when did TV1 or TV3 last display any of that in their reporting?

  3. Noone is forced to watch it, there is always the option to change the channel. For some this might help to explain why... for others it might be painful.

    But all have a choice to watch it.

    Unlike the victims, who had no choice in the matter whatsoever.

    For me it just confirmed the suspicion that he was nuts. And would have committed some form of atrocity regardless of whether he had access to firearms or not.


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