Friday, 23 February 2007

No Britney here.

Just in case you're looking, let me just tell you that I won't be saying anything at all about Britney Spears, or Anna Nicole Smith. The reason is simple. I don't care.

Why either of them make the news is beyond me. Make of that whatever you want to.


Blogger darren said...

Featuring a pair of tits - like these two- might boost your blog ratings.

I'll just have to make to with intellectual fodder. And you've certainly won me over with your views on housing affordability, which is a big issue out west and caused by the same problems- land strangulation by Labor state governments.

23 Feb 2007, 20:50:00  
Anonymous Robin Thomsen said...

... In the spirit of capitalism, you could buy some of Britneys hair.

23 Feb 2007, 20:53:00  

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