Monday, 26 February 2007

Maori Party still in the stone age

There are people who my have forgotten that the Maori Party is a racist party. It's useful to be reminded:
The Maori Party is calling for limits on immigration from Western countries, accusing the Government of trying to stop the "browning of New Zealand". [Stuff, NZ]
A call as absurd as it is racist.
UPDATE from around the blogs:
  • Idiot/Savant: "Turia's comments are in short a nasty, racist little blurt."
  • Liberty Scott: "Tariana Turia is racist and does not believe in democracy... She's called for restrictions on immigration because of what it means for Maori political representation - presumably, she doesn't like the fact that a cornerstone of liberal democracy is one adult one vote."
  • Blogging It Real: "But, Mrs Turia seeks to reassure us, "we aren't playing the race card, because we are not talking about Asian immigration." Right, so it's not racist to try and shut the door to white folks, only yellow ones? Sorry, brown ones. Anyone else care to join me in a hearty "fuck you"?"
  • Bryce Edwards notes: "Unfortunately Maori nationalists have for a long time been anti-immigration. In the past Maori radicals have called for a complete halt to immigration (and especially pacific island immigration) until Treaty grievances are resolved."
  • Falloon: "For absurdity, Turia's comments are right up there with Maori Party Ikaroa-Rawhiti candidate Atareta Poananga's statements- "Racism cannot be exercised by Maori" & "Racism is about having personal prejudice and the power to enforce it. So Maori can not be racist.

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  1. Racist? How can they possibly be racist?
    "Racist" is white people criticising brown/black/yellow/blue/whatever people.
    Victim groups are by definition incapable of racism

  2. Ethical purity at the inconvenient cost of racial suicide.

    Perhaps another chapter could be added to your other post, about ways of topping yourself?

    I suspect the Maori are only doing what Europeans are now having to think about.

    The downside of a democracy is that majority ultimately rules. Let 2 million muslims into the country (any ethnicity), and I can show you what I mean within 50 years.

    Whether the outcome is a problem depends on how much we value our traditions and culture over being politically correct and ethically pure.

  3. The Maori Party have seats in Parliament but don't consider what they are saying racist, whereas the National Front has no seats in Parliament and Turia would rightly call what they say racist.

    Go figure!


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