Tuesday, 16 January 2007


It's becoming a common theme here at Not PC ... bagging the gross National product of John Key. But not today -- at least, not directly.

Here instead is an interview with British Tory leader David Cameron, whom Key has been aping. (What's hilarious is that Cameron's 'strategy' is to simply me-too Tony Blair, so with Key we get a cheap knock-off of Cameron, who is little more than a poor knock-off of Blair but without the conviction; and the policies of both Key and Cameron -- what few are discernible through the mush -- are nothing more than Labour-lite. To a conservative, is known as "strategy.")

Anyway, back to the interview [a hat tip for which goes to Andrew Falloon], in which Cameron lays out his stall for the next political year. At least, he's invited to lay out his stall -- and if you relax and turn your brain off he does sounds very good -- but when you watch with full focus and then try and summarise once he's finished where exactly he stands on anything, you're left with nothing more than froth and a handful of air. Hot air.

Comedian Peter Sellers once famously delivered a five-minute Party Political Broadcast with a semantic content of exactly zero. Cameron can do the same for twenty minutes -- and you would swear he could keep going in the same vein for ever. If you want to watch twenty minutes of a polished politician saying nothing while sounding like he's saying a lot, a foretaste of things to come in New Zealand, then click here and then watch and learn. The Cameron emptiness starts around 37:30.

LINKS: Sunday AM - BBC News
Key on crack - Andrew Falloon

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  1. The serious question that needs to be asked is "why does it appear to be working".

    I suspect it is inertia about the status quo and people desperate for someone newer and younger, and as long as they (Cameron/Key) don't offend, they person seems better than the alternative Blair-Brown/Clark. It is almost as if the swinging voters are tired of their affair with the status quo and want something new and interesting - like a younger bonkbuddy - the fact the new one is vapid is irrelevant because he is younger, better looking and "new". What is even less relevant is the fact that you are screwed regardless.

    The old adage that governments lose elections couldn't be more true. Of course, both Cameron and Key have 2-3 years to go before we know whether it is true.


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