Saturday, 16 December 2006

Holiday reading

Just getting my summer holiday reading together.

You think I might be overdoing it?



  1. I don't see Wisden's there Peter...shame on you.

  2. I don't know about you, Peter, since I don't know your reading speed, but it would be overdoing it for me. I read at a snails pace of about 2-3 minutes for a paperback page and 4-5 minutes for a hardback or softback page.

  3. I recently finished The Prime Movers by Edwin Locke. I see it's on your list. It's a quick, but enjoyable read, and explains why it requires a person of moral fibre to make money.

  4. Ha Ha, mine is similar, but I have an excuse, there a few more Ayn Rand books that I have a absolute compulsion to devour. I am looking forward to diving into them with much passion.

    Given a taste of Ayn, I just can not get into much else.

    Sinead O'Connor has my words "Nothing Compares"

  5. It was Prine, actually, Rebel Radius.

    One novel for me - "Coming Up for Air". I accidentally left it behind, three quarters read, while evecuating a bus, in Turkey, 9 years ago.

  6. PC, correct me if I am wrong, but trying to examine the titles, it looks like they are all Ayn Rand & Peikoff books and nothing else? Am I right?

  7. "I don't see Wisden's there Peter...shame on you."

    Only two NZ tests this summer. No stats to look up. :-(

    "it looks like they are all Ayn Rand & Peikoff books and nothing else? Am I right?"

    Good guess. But I threw in a Bible as well. :-)

  8. Well yes I think that you might struggle to read quite that many books.

    Maybe if you make sure a dictionary is nowhere at hand and you forget what "sleep" means....


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