Thursday, 9 November 2006

Frank Lloyd Wright - V.C. Gift Shop, interior

Photo courtesy Elliot Who?

A small brick-fronted Sullivanesque San Francisco store, designed in 1948, which I understand is now a 'folk art museum.'

The interior is considered a precursor of Wright's 1959 NY Guggenheim Museum.

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  1. The top photo looks like the interior of my house. The design, colour and shape of the handles of the stairway are almost exactly the same; and the curves are the same as the upstairs gallery which looks down to the lounge.

    I am in love with the architect of my home. There is not a day goes by when my partner and I do not extol his praises and our absolute delight of being able to live in the home we love so much.

  2. Here's an opportunity to give your architect a free ad RR. And maybe, too, a photo of your home?

  3. The top one seems more suitable for a home than a museum or a shop.


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