Thursday, 23 November 2006

Bullshit and Jellybeans and You

You are invited to an evening of Bullshit, Bernard Darnton, barbecue and a host of fellow blog readers. Oh, and beer. For certain, beer.

With Christmas and the next Free Radical magazine both nearly upon us, the semi-official 'Not PC'/Free Radical Xmas barbecue is imminent: Friday week, December 1st, and you're invited.
  • Meet Not PC's contributor's and fellow posters.
  • Find out in-person what's happening with Bernard's case in Darnton V Clark
  • See episodes of Penn & Teller's 'Bullshit' on the big screen, on the hour every hour.
  • Walk through an original Organon Architecture house.
  • Enjoy music, drinking, cigars, fatty food, hilarity -- and just a few surprises!
But don't come expecting canapés on tap: this is a strictly TANSTAAFL affair. Bring your own drink, food, companions, attitudes of mirth, whips, chains and ice cream. Jellybeans may be provided. See you there Friday 1st at 45A View Road, Mt Eden, from 5pm on. Cheers!

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