Thursday, 23 November 2006

Benson-Dope sleaze just more irrelevant crap from Wishart

Hicky Nager and Ian Wish-hard deserve to get stuck in a lift together. They could spend the time 'investigating' each other instead of trying to fill up the news media with drivel.

I agree almost one-hundred percent with G-man: as I've said many times before, what goes on in David Benson-Pope's private life is just that, his private life. Not my business, not your business, not Ian Wish-hard's business (oh, sorry, peddling crap is his business).

What is my business and yours' is not what Benson-Dope does in the the privacy of his own home or in somebody else's dungeon, but the truly disgusting things he does right out there in the open -- trying to ban Guy Fawkes; administering the awful RMA instead of putting a stake through its heart; helping manipulate the shonky welfare figures of the Orwellian-sounding Ministry of Social Development; attacking Don Brash for his private life (oh, the irony). Concentrate on those repellent things done in the course of his day job, not what he may or may not get up to of an evening.

"I'm too busy to join a sex club," says Benson-Dope
this morning. Personally, I wish all 121 MPs had much more time for a private life, achieved by leaving us the hell alone.

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Benson-Pope misleads Parliament - Lindsay Mitchell - Scoop
You want a link to Wishart's sleaze? Go find it yourself.

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  1. Yes, I agree with you whole heartedly,
    (and I did read the allegations.)

  2. I have to agree with you as well in regard to B-P's right to privacy.

    But lumping Hager in the same category is a bit unfair.

    Hager endeavours to add something to the public sphere, whether its investigating GE, the SIS, or the National Party's election behaviour. He may not always get it spot on (and in the SIS case, the blame should fall elsewhere) but at least he has a sincere motive.

    Wishart is a gutter journo....and not much else.

    So please consider the differences in their approach...and perhaps give poor idealistic Nicky a break.


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