Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Banana Republic Day

Pass the bananas

Just clarifying what Bernard Darnton will be doing today. From his blog:

Libertarianz will be marking New Zealand’s transition from a land of constitutionally limited government to banana republic by declaring October 18th to be Banana Republic Day. Libertarianz members and supporters will be outside Parliament from 11:30 this morning handing out bananas to mark this inauspicious occasion.

Join him. All welcome. And bring your own bananas.

UPDATE: The Herald notes the protest, but unilaterally declares Libz "right wing." What nonsense.

LINK: Banana Republic Day - Darnton V Clark
Left and right and that post-modern nonsense - Not PC (Feb, 2006)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just gotta say it again:

When the Labour stole the election
I remained silent;
I did not want to be labelled reckless.

When they stole my money
I remained silent;
I knew it was legal.

When they came for my free speech,
I did not speak out;
That was just campaign reform.

When they came for me,
No one could speak out.

Break out the bananas and bend over boys coz it's all downhill from here

10/18/2006 01:44:00 pm  

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