Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Breakfast with Perigo & Brash

Here's a breakfast event tomorrow morning you can get your teeth into:

If you can't make tomorrow's, then ring and enquire about the next two in the series.


  1. Any chance this will be availible online later...? The more info out there the more minds change...

  2. Not sure, James. Perigo posted a brief account of the breakfast over at SOLO. "I wish the public of New Zealand could see this Don Brash on its tv screens. Anyway, I hammered him on his backslidings from providing a radical freedom-friendly alternative to the current government." Go take a look and beg for some audio. :-)

  3. That would have been a good idea. i have suggested it to the directors for the next one we do.

    it was a very presentation, i think everyone got a lot out of it, i was quite surprised by how eloquent DB is and how he can take being given grief about his personal foibles with a smile. something i don;t see a labour person doing.

    if anyone wants to be contacted about the next one, drop me an email well worth it i think.



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