Thursday, 14 September 2006

Your private life drama baby leave me out ...

private, a. not public; kept or withdrawn from publicity or observation; retired, secluded ...
  • Which part of the phrase "private life" do parliamentarians not understand?
  • Is there no level beyond which this Government will not stoop to avoid being held to account for their misappropriation of taxpayers' money to pay for their election campaign?
  • Does Brian Connell not understand that his foolishness has helped remove the Government from the "standing eight count" it was being given? Does he care?
  • Is it clear enough now what buckets of slime Labour's senior parliamentarians threatened to empty over the Treasury Benches last week?
  • Is there a word to describe today's airy dismissal by Clark and Cullen of any part in the exposure of Brash's private life to public gaze, when it was them last week who gave the 'go' to Chief Smear-Merchant Mallard to begin it.
Song for the week: Private Life, by the Pretenders:

Your private life drama baby leave me out ...

UPDATE: Whose business? On behalf of those who suggest "private life" means something different than what the dictionary means by that term, Russell Brown and Chris Trotter suggest there's a "political dimension" that gives some sort of imprimatur to people to pry behind other people's curtains. Bollocks. Utter, self-serving, politically driven bollocks.

And for those like Helen Clark who maintain that I'm part of some Vast Right Wing Conspiracy so I'd be be bound to say that, let me remind Helen I said the same thing this time last year about the prurient poking behind her own husband's curtains.

As I said then, "Even if the gossip is true, is it really any of our business?" The answer last year was, "No!" and it's the same answer now: "No!"



  1. The NZ public got a good look at how Labour slung the accusations across the floor. Both channels played the relevant clips.

    This will not lead to an increase in support for Labour. It won't hurt National, but Don Brash is gone of course.

    At least I hope the next time he mentions "mainstream New Zealanders" he either doesn't include himself or he doesn't include me.

  2. PC:

    I prefer Grace Jones' cover myself. No disrespect to Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders, but it's one of the few occasions where a cover kicks the original to a curb - and if you're essaying reggae, it doesn't hurt to have Jamacian music legends Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare as your rhythm section.

    And Jones herself just brings a nice air of 'sod off you're boring you' attitude to the vocals which fit the lyrics like a black leather glove.

  3. Craig, You're dead right on Grace Jones (that's the one I have in my head), just as you are in your comments at Kiwiblog. Good on you.


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