Friday, 8 September 2006

Unbundling still theft, still immoral -- and impractical to boot!

The so-called 'unbundling' of Telecom, ie., the theft and partial nationalisation of Telecoms property, is now being considered before select committee in Helengrad. Rodney Hide reckons that the best submission ever has just been made by Victoria University's Bronwyn Howell, in opposition to the nationalisation. Says she:
Even if there is some merit in pursuing increases in broadband uptake, the claims made by the [MED] Stocktake authors that mechanisms that increase competitor entry into the local loop market are strongly correlated with higher levels of broadband uptake are not only unfounded but demonstrably false.
"Demonstrably false." Very strong words those from an academic. As Rodney concludes: "Those arguing for the confiscation of property rights need to respond to Howell’s work if they are to have any intellectual credibility." Too right they do. If it's theft, and there's no good reason for theft, then what's the real reason -- is it just ideological? Just more crony-phony-capitalism -- just delivering somebody else's assets to competitors who haven't earned them. (Hello again, Annette.)

Here’s the submission and slideshow, both courtesy of Rodney Hide's blog, and both PDFs.

** And by the way, while we're talking about 'good Rodney,' what do you think 'bad Rodney' is up to with this dumb and Dunne-like comment of 'moral equivalence':
I’m not so sure that National’s tactic of getting down and dirty with Labour is smart.
What the fuck? Why do you think Rodney is wriggling over the well-deserved harassment of a Government whose been caught with their hands in the till? He knows exactly what the issues are here, so why the silence and now all the spin. Have you ever before known him to stay out of a bout of mud-slinging? I can think of three reasons why he is now, one good and two not very good at all. Do you follow?

LINKS: The truth about unbundling - Rodney Hide blog
Submission on the Telecommunications Amdendment Bill - Bronwyn Howell [167-page PDF]
Slideshow supporting the submission on the Telecommunication Amendment Bill - Bronwyn Howell [29-page PDF]
Annette Presley: Face of theft - Not PC (Peter Cresswell)
Down and dirty with Labour - Rodney Hide blog

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  1. Is that a drag queen posing as Annette?

  2. SG, Annette is a ... no, I can't say that. Her lawyers might be reading. ;^)

  3. Just saw Annette on NZ's Dragon's Den.

    She's a real embarrassment to real businessme/women and it shows. She acts like a airhead and can't be taken seriously.

    And what is the expertise she is going to bring to the entrepreneurs? How to get your competitors nationalised?


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