Friday, 8 September 2006

Supersize Auckland?

I must confess that on the question of Auckland's mayors' plans for an Auckland 'super city' I really have no opinion at present. Simply because Dick Hubbard is enthusiastic I'm prima facie against it (did I mention how much I dislike Mother Hubbard?), but how much worse could one new super city council be than the present four bloody awful city councils?

Anyway, Auckland mayoral candidate Stephen Berry does have an opinion, so go and see what he says.

LINKS: Mayors' secret city blueprint revealed - NZ Herald
Berry supports 'One Auckland' - Stephen Berry, Scoop
Stephen Berry contensting 2007 Auckland mayoralty - Scoop
Rates rant: Parental advisory - Not PC (Peter Cresswell)

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1 comment:

  1. Are you fucking kidding? I read this and just about had a hernia ...

    Under the mayors' plan, the Greater Auckland Council would include the elected Lord Mayor, mayors of the remaining councils, the Minister for Auckland Issues, Judith Tizard, elected members and some appointed business and other representatives.

    Whatever happened to the concept of elected representatives?


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