Friday, 8 September 2006

Architecture v Architecture: What's on tonight?

Just an update here on the ongoing Architecture V Architecture debate here at Not PC, in which blogger Den MT and myself have been posting and commenting about our five personal architectural favourites -- not stuff we're saying is the world's best architecture (since Den is arguing we can't do that), but architecture that really touches us. At least, we're not saying that yet.
  • On the Fallingwater thread Brian S. commented:
    It would be interesting to get the opinion of [Den] and PC on New Zealand's best piece of architecture and also on what each of you consider to be your own best work.
    Great idea. It will be done. I promise.

  • And look out tonight for Den's next piece, a little beauty from Australia... (I'm enjoying this.)

  • Oh, and I should also point out that Auckland Architecture Week is also on the go this week: lots of politically correct architecture and architectural debate about. Details here. Tomorrow for example you can hear a lecture at the Britomart Pavilion on 'Sustainability in Urban Design' - in other words, how the concept of 'future generations' is used to hand power to planners, and to empoverish the people of this generation. But you can also, if you book in time, head off on a "guided tour of Auckland's historic pubs." So it's not all bad.
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  1. Thanks for that PC - I'll look forward to reading your responses!


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