Friday, 15 September 2006

Popular 'Not PC'

Here's the most popular searches here at Not PC at the minute. It might suggest that politics is of little interest to readers:
  1. broadacre city
  2. pc = tolerance
  3. the ecstacy of st. teresa, rome
  4. peter rabbit tank killer
  5. swedish night club newcastle night club
  6. annette presley
  7. peter brock death
  8. soliciting helen clark usa
  9. peter rabbit the tank killer
  10. price tower architecture
  11. hans scharoun schminke 1933 pdf
  12. smartest guys in the room analysis
  13. broadacre city theory
  14. libertarianism maori affairs
  15. milleu viaduct
  16. hans scharoun schminke
  17. rudolf kalman jewish
  18. 0wned by psych fuck 3d israel
  19. switching station in basel by herzog and de meuron
  20. alderton house glenn murcutt
And here's the top dozen most popular posts, which might suggest that politics is of interest to readers.
  1. Frank Lloyd Wright: Broadacre City
  2. Hodgson attacks. Libz leader gummed.
  3. Peregrine Winery - Architecture Workshop
  4. Political Correctness: A classic documentary now online
  5. Whose business?
  6. Bernini - 'Ecstacy of St Teresa'
  7. Zero tolerance for corruption
  8. Your private life drama baby leave me out ...
  9. Rail Switchtower, Basel, Switzerland: Herzog de Meuron
  10. 'Peter Rabbit: Tank Killer'
  11. Submissions on Telecom theft
  12. Another lesson from history
Politics, schmolliticks.


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  1. Last and best of my five buildings is in your inbox now PC



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