Thursday, 28 September 2006

Most popular

Here's the top Google searches at the minute landing here at 'Not PC,' in order of popularity. I'm a bit disturbed to find the two most popular searches currently represent nearly a quarter of all Google searches ending up here ...
annette presley
peter cresswell
willie jackson and lindsay perigo
schminke house
bavinger house
essay generator
milton friedman are you a libertarian interview
riva san vitale - mario botta
four last songs - jesse norman
reasons why the war in iraq is good
online political quiz
oklahoma bavinger
libertarian architecture
female soldiers in uniform
between the lines libeskind
nezam amery
soane house section

1 comment:

  1. And all I get is "Hairstyles" (from a Vargas post I did and said I liked the gal's hairstyle) and "Wank" (from a post where I was referred to as "the wank merchant" by a disgruntled blogger who was offended by my Vargas pics).

    Lucky me!


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