Thursday, 28 September 2006

Former Greenpeace leader joins criticism of Royal Society's global warming outburst

Greenpeace co-founder and former leader Patrick Moore has joined the criticism of the Royal Society's efforts to squelch debate on global warming (reported here on Monday). "It appears to be the policy of the Royal Society to stifle dissent and silence anyone who may have doubts about the connection between global warming and human activity," said Dr. Moore, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Vancouver, Canada-based Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. "That kind of repression seems more suited to the Inquisition than to a modern, respected scientific body." He continues:
While I may agree with certain statements made by the IPCC, surely you and the Royal Society would respect my right to disagree with other statements or at least to call them into question.

You cite the IPCC as the authority yet surely you are aware that science does not work by committee or by "consensus."

Certainly the Royal Society would agree there is no scientific proof of causation between the anthropogenic increase in atmospheric CO2 and the recent global warming trend, a trend that has been evident for about 500 years, long before human-caused increase in CO2 was evident.

I am sure the Royal Society is aware of the difference between an hypothesis and a theory. It is clear the contention that human-induced CO2 emissions and rising CO2 levels in the global atmosphere are the cause of the present global warming trend is an hypothesis that has not yet been elevated to the level of a proven theory. Causation has not been demonstrated in any conclusive way.
You can read the news report on Moore's statement here, and further comment on the Royal Society's squelching (posted here at 'Not PC' on Monday) from George Reisman.

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  1. Heresy! Death to the Unbelievers! When the Royal Society forgets the basic difference between theory and hypothesis we are in trouble.

  2. Boy, I'm glad the Big Bang isn't based on consensus science, but solid, solid science, backed up by facts and predictions.

  3. And this validates your belief in Casper...opps I mean God how exactly Berend...?


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