Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Boobs. Bikes. Pictures.

Boobs. Bikes. Pictures. The Herald's got 'em.

UPDATE 1: So has Stuff.

UPDATE 2: I missed it when his press release was issued on Friday, but at least one candidate in next year's Auckland mayoral elections was all in favour of today's Boob Run: Independent candidate Stephen Berry, who last stood for the mayoralty under the Libz banner. Just thought you should know.

UPDATE 3: Well I'm not sure what it says about the young man, except perhaps that he's been hard at it today, but Whale Oil has a full gallery of backs, boobs, bikes and bimbos posted for your viewing pleasure. I won't say "enjoy" since I'm sure you'll only visit in the interest of keeping yourself abreast of events.

LINKS: Thousands on Queen St for Boobs on Bikes Parade - NZ Herald
Photo gallery at Stuff

Berry backs boobs on bikes - Stephen Berry, Scoop
Stephen Berry contesting 2007 Auckland mayoralty - Scoop

Auckland, Libz


  1. Thats not Boobs on Blike thats Backs on Bikes.

    Here are the Boobs,

  2. Ah yes, but this is a family blog.

    Well, except of course for that last post. ;^)

  3. Ah, I see PC is working on his google ratings again.

  4. Berend de Boer said...
    [Ah, I see PC is working on his google ratings again. ]

    Which is a good thing. Isn't it? What's the point of having a site that doesn't attract visitors. It is more like having a BMW in a remote island, that has only mud road, and the only inhabitant of the island is the BMW owner himself where there has never been anyone else visiting the island or expected to be in the near future.

  5. Steven ... everyones favorite source of BZP :-)

    "If you're mad - vote Berry!"

  6. So I'm the BMW? I'm flattered. :-)

  7. Not sure what the fuss is. It's just fleshy sacks of glands and fatty tissue adorning the chests of young women. Nothing more graphic than I haven't already seen in Papua New Guinea. Albeit, perkier...

  8. I'm guessing whoever reads this article would appreciate this site :)

    Bikes and Boobs


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