Friday, 25 August 2006

Balls to Kiwisaver

I loved this headline and opening line from Bernard Woolley today:

Kiwisaver neutered

Pity we couldn't have got a two-for-one deal and got Michael Cullen done at the same time.

Brilliant. And it carries on our 'balls' theme beautifully from recent days.

PS: Why would you rely on the details when as we know every government scheme like this that's ever been set up anywhere has very quickly changed from what it was initially to something quite different, something that suits whichever government of the time that's administering the thing that week.

And whatever the details this week, why on earth would you trust any government on something so important and involving such long-term personal consequences when it's crystal clear their own planning or thinking doesn't extend past the next headline?

If politicians want saving, which we all agree is necessary, then my advice to them is the same as my advice to Dick Hubbard the other day: Stop taxing us so goddamn fucking much!

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