Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Reasons to watch You Tube: Number 100 million

With "100m videos ... served up every day," notes the Herald, You Tube has just exploded:
Since springing from out of nowhere late last year, YouTube has come to hold the leading position in online video with 29 per cent of the US multimedia entertainment market, according to the latest weekly data from Web measurement site Hitwise.
If you've got Broadband and you haven't tried You Tube yet, it's immense. However obscure your obsessions, there's bound to be some easily downloadable video clip to match your appetite and enthusiasms.

For example -- and I know you'll all be very excited about this -- You Tube also has clips of all the best moments of AFL, the world's most libertarian sport. Have a look and see why:Oh yeah, and if you know the classic Alex Jesaulenko mark (right), Toyota have an hilarious 're-make.'

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  1. AFL: the world's most libertarian sport?

    Ah, PC .. you speak in jest, surely!

    Yup. Really libertarian. There's almost as many umps as players!!

    And feeling unusually magnanimous today, I'll refrain from adversely commenting upon their (umpires) very strange attire ... :)

  2. Having looked at the best hits of 2005, I am convinced of of the "magnetic like" attraction between elbow & jaw.


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