Tuesday, 18 July 2006

How Michelangelo Translates Touch to Sight - Michael Newberry

Another Newberry Mini Tutorial on art offers you another tip to help you understand how great artists express their genius.
In this month's tutorial, Michael Newberry discusses how Michelangelo draws not on what you would see but what you would touch. These Mini-Tutorials focus on one creative problem - whether it is about how to communicate a sense of touch or how to use rhythm to organize chaos. Michael will guide you to see the resolution. "To experience this tutorial fully," says Michael, "I need to ask you to humor me and get physically involved in it. In the privacy of your own home it should be fun."
The picture at right is a sketch in red chalk by Michelangelo -- a study of the figure of Haman for the Sistine Chapel, 1511 -- that Newberry uses in his Tut. Join him, and have some enlightening fun.

LINK: Mini-Tutorial: Michelangelo's Drawings: The Conceptual Transformation from Touch to Sight - Michael Newberry, Newberry Workshop

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